Saturday, April 29, 2006

lackadaisical me(bsta un)

I hate myself. I hate me for being too careless. Let me tell u guys wat happened last nyt..

Around 6:30pm (yesterday)

Getting ready for the party. Ooouuuuch! I stepped on my HOT curler, cause I left it on the floor, how stupid can I be?! Waaa… went to the kitchen to get some ice for my foot, it hurts like hell ya know.. and OH, my stupidity didn’t end there. My cousin was knocking on my door, so I got up from my seat and let him in. I was about to sit til I stepped on the curler again, I almost hopped. And again, OUCH. I wore #1 (see my blog b4 this/scroll down)

Around 8:30pm

Asto, ivonne, auntie(mom of asto) arrived to fetch me, jerella and princess ,but there was a prob. (im too lazy to explain it. Haha)


Arrived in win8 bar/resto/ktv. There were lots of people. Greeted, nenette(mom of ivon) a happy birthday. Then we went to our seats and ate. The 2 mc were bong(the funny-na-bs2s-gay) and katrina paula. Me and frnds were bored so we decided to go to ivonne's house, told ivonne to chill in decades in timog. Me, je, cess went to ivonne’s house. ivonne and asto is in ivonne’s rum cause they had a fight. Aww. So we just stayed in their living rum, bored ourselves to death haha. AT LAST! Ivonne and asto went out of the rum. Oh God, after a looong fight. We were too lazy to go to decades so we just stayed in ivon’s house and watched “Nightmare on Elm street“ haha! The couple went to 7eleven to buy some snacks for us to eat while watching d mubi, I told them to buy me some pizza. After a few minutes, they arrived and handed us the snacks they bought. Blah blah blah.. I was a bored so I got up from the sofa and played the piano. Haha. I missed playing it. Haha.

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